Lesson Sequence Proposal


3D Mask making

Standards Subject Level Project Title  Duration
Making and Responding Visual Arts Year 7  3D Mask making 6 Lessons + Art excursion

Overall Objectives: (Students will be able to….)

o    Analysis and understand the different types of masks related to different cultural background.

o    Recognize the relationship of masks to personal or group identity.

o    Identify art elements and mediums used in creating a mask.

o    Analyze the use of masks in their own cultural background or other cultures.

o    Apply different art elements and mediums to effectively develop 2D mask sketches.

o    Explore different methods of creating 3D masks.

o    Develop and document work progression.

o    Create and present a final 3D mask using a variety of art elements, mediums principles and methods.

Overall Resources (but not limited to): Projector for YouTube clips visual examples, 3D mask, Materials such as: Cardboard, paper, Foil, Firm tape, Scissors, ribbon or string,  glue, wood, yarn, paint and paint brushes, fabric, recycled materials and found objects.

Lessons Weekly proposal
Lesson1 50 min Introduction to Masks (theory / PP presentation) -History of masks, the use of masks in different cultures.Mask in different cultures. [YouTube]: http://youtu.be/AfYIFSixO0ITask: To listen and observe à Ask questions such as e.g. Have you used a mask before? What is considered a mask? Can you think of countries that use masks? Does it relate to culture, identity performance, etc.?What Art elements might be used to develop and create a 3D mask?

2D sketches/ideas using art elements and medium provided to explore the mask concept.

Homework: To research the different masks used in your cultural background or other cultural.

Excursion rationale Excursion to Melbourne Museum: AZTECS exhibition, Date: 9April- 10 August 2014.Task: To analyze the selected artwork/collectionStudent will be asked a variety of questions such as: What is this art/artist trying to tell the viewers? What are some different types of masks? (e.g. face masks, face/body paint, eye and face cover etc.. ) How does a mask relate to identity? (e.g. Gender, power, belonging, religion, transforming)What art elements and principles are used to create artwork/mask? Task: To select and sketch an artwork, to list down all the art elements, principles, mediums and methods used to create the selected artwork.Homework: To create an A3 collage using images, texts etc. relating to their identity or a culture.
Lesson2 100 min Recap of the pervious lesson- Check the A3 collage.Task: Developing 2D sketches.Student will explore different art elements and mediums.Student to think about the type of mask that they would like to develop (related to identity, cultural background or any other themes.)

Homework: To finalize 2D Mask Sketches/ideas. To collect other (optional) resources for the 3D mask.

Lesson3 50 min Recap of the pervious lesson. Check the 2D sketch development process.Task: Explore different methods of creating 3D masks. e.g. paper mache, foil, mesh, available template etc.Developing 3D mask using available resources.Homework: To finalize the Mask concept that they would like to develop.

To look for other methods (optional) in creating a masks.

To find other resources (optional) for their final project.

Lesson4100min Task: (Ongoing) developing 3D mask using a variety of different art elements, mediums and principles.In this lesson: Students will be given the instructions for the final presentation. This will include five basic questions about final 3D mask.
Lesson550min Task: (Ongoing) Developing and Finalizing the 3D mask using own and/or available resources.Homework: To finalize the mask and to prepare for the presentation.To think of ways that would like to present the mask. E.g. Frame, or hang it up, wear it, act it out, etc.
Lesson6 100 min Assessment: Folio and 3D Mask presentation- 3 min per student.Student will be answering the following questions:Name of your project, Inspirations/ background, Art elements and principles used, Method applied to create the mask, Likes and dislikes about this project? Areas of improvements?Examples of Masks




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