Name: Diana Eau

At age 0-4: I ate, played and enjoyed every family moment.

At age 4-6: I was counting down to go to school and on my first day of school it snowed heavily ….school was canceled.

At age 7: My love for Art begun when I saw the first colored chalk.

At age 8: I was pretending to be an Art teacher for class of three students.(My childhood friends: Zeneh, Sinarya and Jeean).

At age 10: I started to observe colours, shapes and patterns of the quilts covers made by my mother.

At age 13: I moved to Greece and I joined the Choir.

At age 15: My family and I arrived to Australia and the journey to learn English had begun.

At age 16: Although language was a barrier,I was able to express myself through Art.

At age 21: I discovered photography and Earl Grey Tea.

At age 23- now: I completed a Textile Technology degree and a Masters of Fashion/Textiles. Whilst working as a Textile Technologist for the past few years, I’ve also discovered traveling and seen some beautiful parts of this world. Am currently undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Education(Secondary) I hope to be a ‘good’ teacher who will be able to inspire students to progressively develop their knowledge and skills.

Art to me is stepping into a world of possibilities.


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